The Keitt mangoe is ovoid-oblong, the skin color is pink.
It weighs 500-600 gr. The flesh has almost no fiber, which can be eaten with cutlery, small seed, the tree is characterized by long, arching branches, with little growth in the subtropics.
From India, with a very sweet taste.

Tommy Atkins

Is a fruit oblong-shaped oval, the skin of the mango is orange to deep red. It weighs 500-550 gr. The presence of fiber in the pulp is medium-high, with small seed. His tree with a round crown with great poise and vigor.
Northwest from India.


Cultivated in most tropical and subtropical agro-ecosystems in the world. From Hawaii, very sweet and aromatic, weighs between 350 and 700gr.


The Kent mango has an oval shaped widened.
The skin is yellow background color with red sheet. The weight of this fruit is 470-550 grams. The pulp has little fiber and seed is small. This fruit is of excellent quality. His erect tree growth and medium vigor.