DISTRIBUIDORA DE FRUTAS TROPICALES, S.A. (DFT) was established in 2000, by two former Dole employees that accumulated more than twenty years of experience in the production business (export, import and local market sales).

DFT grows, packs and exports its fruit to the North American market (California, New York and Florida), and to Europe (Holland and Spain). DFT’s orchards and packing house are located 200 kilometers to the Southwest of Guatemala City on the Pacific Coast of the country, near the port of Champerico, in Retalhuleu. Under state grown production, DFT grows 90% of the exported mangoes of the varities Tommy Atkins, Atualfo, Kent and Keitt.

To the date, DFT employs 65 permanent staff and 400 eventual personnel during the harvest season from March to May. With more than seventy thousand mango trees under production, DFT is the biggest grower in Guatemala, with the capacity to produce more than one million boxes of fresh mango per season. 
As the company grows, a new packing plant will be available in 2016, designed to produce IQF mango, and multiple frozen fruits and vegetables, with a whole year round availability.